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Getting started with social media marketing

For those of you that would like to get started with social media – or if you’d like to brush up, here’s some information that might help. Remember you don’t need to go crazy, just find a one or two social networks to start with. Which social networks? The social media networks which make the most sense […]

DVD Giveaway Sweepstakes

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Why your business should do Social Media…

Social Media can be great for smaller businesses Well, we all know that social media is pretty big these days and most larger businesses are utilising social media as part of their marketing efforts. So if you’re not already doing it, what exactly are the benefits of social media? 1. Social Media will drive website […]

Blog your business to success!

Blogging is an important element to promoting your website. Why? well I can think of four reasons why you should blog your business to success straight away – and there’s probably more, but I reckon these would rank up there as some of the best. 1. Every time you post a blog, it’s one more […]