Blog your business to success!

Blogging is an important element to promoting your website. Why? well I can think of four reasons why you should blog your business to success straight away – and there’s probably more, but I reckon these would rank up there as some of the best.

1. Every time you post a blog, it’s one more page that the search engines (e.g. google) can index. So if someone is searching for something that is mentioned in your blog (as opposed to your website in general), then you could get a visit. More traffic to your website, means potentially more sales. Simple really.

2. Blogging helps you get discovered by Social Media. Make sure you always include your social share icons with your blog, so it can be easily shared by the reader, that way – your readers friends may visit you.

3. It can generate more leads and ultimately sales – always include a call to action at the end of your blog.

4. Blogging helps you establish authority. It promotes your expertise, and generally give your readers confidence that you know what your talking about.

Here’s my call to action…

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